Thursday, January 12, 2012

new year & new creations

I started the new year by waking up to a heat wave and opening a box which holds fimo and sculpy which belonged to a very special friend of mine. I have had these packets for years now and have never been able to touch them and play with them. My friend was a fimo master and i have never dabbled in it before. I don't know why i felt like doing this on the first morning of the new year, but this is how i spent my morning and i was filled with excitement at how fun it was to play with and wish i could share my joy with her and tell her how amazing and talented she is. I have since then gone out and purchased some more colours and spent the week learning how it works and making and baking beads, earrings, brooches, buttons and even cat name tags for my two cats Lily and Isaac. So below are some pictures of my creations this past week, i have enjoyed working with my hands more and having a tiny break from painting and drawing this week. I hope you like them, i will be putting some brooches up for sale on my online etsy store soon, message me if your interested in something. xo

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